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  • Microscopy Conferences 2021 Best image contest “art in science” (3rd place)

  • “20. Ulusal Elektron Mikroskopi Kongresi (Uluslararası Katılımlı)“, 25th - 28th October 2011, Antalya, TURKEY (2rd place in poster presentation)

  • “XIII International Conference on Intergranular and Interphase Boundaries in Materials (iib 2010)”, 26th June – 2nd July 2010, Mie, JAPAN (3rd place in poster presentation)

  • “3rd International Symposium on SiAlONs and Non-oxides”,1th-4th June 2010, Kapadokya, TURKEY(1st place in poster presentation)

  • Honor Graduate (3rd place), 2007, Materials Science & Engineering, Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey

  • EMS scholarship to attend Microscopy Conferences 2021 in Wien, Austria 22th-26th August 2021

  • International Max Planck Research School for Advanced Materials (IMPRS-AM) PhD scholarship (2015), Stuttgart, Germany

  • International Union of Crystallography & European Crystallographic Association scholarship to attend Electron Crystallography – Introduction to Electron Diffraction Tomography School in Darmstadt  in GERMANY, 7th-11th April 2014

  • EMS scholarship to attend Microscopy Conferences 2013 in Regensburg in GERMANY, 25th-30th August 2013

  • Full bursary from I.F.S.M. to attend 15th European Microscopy Congress in Manchester in United Kingdom, 16th-22nd September 2012

  • Participation award to the workshop “Understanding Materials through Electron Microscopes: Realising the Potential”, 22th - 24th April 2009,Imperial College, London, UK

  • Erasmus/Socrates Scholarship – Material Science Master Program - Technische Üniversität Hamburg Harburg (March-September 2006), Hamburg, GERMANY

Materials Scientist/Electron Microscopist

"Materials science without microscopy, and engineering without materials science would fall short."

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